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  1. it's been almost two weeks since i took my nclex exam...i haven't heard or seen any indications that i pass...i can't call the 900# because california isn't included in it, everyday i check my name online but it's not there... ...i now have every reason to believe that i didn't pass the long do i have to wait for them to mail my result? are online verifications updated? i'm still hoping against hope that i pass, sure would be a nice christmas present... but as i see it, it's not very uplifting...
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  3. by   Teshiee
    Hi Reyna

    It usually takes about 10 working days to receive your license. I know for RN you will receive a large manila folder that says "DO NOT BEND". It is a certificate that states you have past, then a week later you receive a license in a business envelope.

    For me ,I received both at the same time. Then you have to consider it is the holidays things tend to run slow. Have you spoke with your other classmates? If they haven't received anything then chances are there may be some delay. I hope for the best for you. Happy holidays
  4. by   Cali

    I just took my LVN/LPN test in Septmember. It took 3 1/2 weeks for me to get my results. They sent a small white envelope with a letter stating that I had passed the NCLEX. In California, you have to mail the letter stating you passed and $100.00 and then they send your license. I didn't see my name on the online verification page until after I sent off for my license.

  5. by   reyna
    thank you for replying and giving me some kind of hope