California leads nursing ratios battle...

  1. Gov. Gray-out Davis signed a bill today further affecting nurse ratios in the Golden State. The story can be found here and here.
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    I had trouble getting either link to work, but I finally found it.
  4. by   NMAguiar
    Thanks Konnihall ... the embedded "http" links on these V-bulletin boards are flakey. I wait with baited breath for the designers to develop a patch.
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    Very nice ideas! Wonder what they'll come up with next?

    Better pay?? Retirement??

    Glad to see someone 's taking the initiative!
  6. by   Gomer
    Don't get too excited as Davis is owned by the unions (not just nursing) and does what's the best for Grey Davis (the hell with California or its citizens).

    Davis micromanages the state and will give lip service to whomever lines his pockets. He's up for re-election in November. His opponent is a guy named Simons who ran his family's savings and loan business into default (and took alot of average people's money along with it).

    So we have two sleezeballs running for office. Lord help California!
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    Hee, hee, hee, Gomer. Now you know what it's like to try to vote in Louisiana. Which crook do you choose?
  8. by   sjoe
    Gomer--absolutely right. We have the choice between two special-interest puppets, as usual.

    A lot of these kinds of proposals, by the way, are made in order to solicit higher donations from those opposed to them (HMOs and hospitals in this case), and are not intended to serve any purpose other than that. It is a simple matter of political extortion. The more support gained for them, the more it frightens those opposed and thus the more money they "donate." (A friend who used to be a lobbyist in Sacto tipped me off to this many years ago.)

    By the way, the article cited above is linked to the allnurses home page now. See "latest nursing news"
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  9. by   Gomer
    So, SJOE, who will you be voting for? As much as I don't like the man (or his politics) I've got to vote for Davis as I don't like/support Simon's policies on abortion or gay rights (I'm neither, by the way, pg or gay).
  10. by   donmurray
    Sounds like choosing between the lesser of two weevils!
  11. by   NMAguiar
    I, for one, have to vote against Gray-out. He's taken the richest state in the union from a multi-million dollar excess to a multi-billion dollar deficit in only one term. How can Simon POSSIBLY do worse.

    On top of that, stories about special interest deals for campaign contributions have littered the state's newspapers weekly. THe Wall Street Journal called the Davis administration one of the worse fiscially managed governerships ever. That's something to think about!

    I'll never forget sitting in the dark during a blackout last summer and listening to Davis on the airwaves blamming the California power shortage on W. Bush -- who had been in office for a few months. He still takes no responsibility for his failures.

    My only concern: When the trial lawyers offer more money he'll cancel nurse ratios.

    2001: BLACKOUTS. 2002: GRAY-OUT!
  12. by   NMAguiar
    Here's another story about the California bill that was published on Monday in the Los Angeles Times:
  13. by   Gomer
    Totally understand your opinion NMAguiar....still have to vote for Davis due to social issues...but you are correct, whoever pays him the most will get what they want. Makes you kinda long for the days of our hippie governor Brown...we didn't know what he was smokin', but we knew he paid for it himself.
  14. by   NMAguiar

    You crack me up!:roll :roll :roll

    Yeah, you never knew what wacko idea Brown would come up with, but you always figured it was stimulated by good sh-t!

    And he was always so relaxed. But then that was also during his Linda Ronstat period -- you remember, when she was a major-league hottie!
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