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In California, there is now the possibility of challenging the NCLEX-RN if you're an LVN who took Micro, A&P with labs and one year of nursing courses. You do not receive a degree from the school,... Read More

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    I think its foolish to keep bringing up the adn vs bsn...I mean come on really, when its all done and said your going to be judged on your good work, not your piece of paper.If you feel like you need it as a stepping stone, great. But don't think for one minute its going to automatically make someone a better nurse.
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    I guess the ADN vs. BSN debate is not important in Calfironia.

    I'll keep my opinion to myself on this one.
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    1. Has anyone else heard of this program? My husband, who is a medical student and RT, has been asking tons of people if they know about it, and no one has heard of it!
    My community college explained that it is essentially the same core program as the 2nd year RN students without general education requirements. An LVN license, entrance testing, transition to professional nursing course, Microbiology, Physiology and an interview are required.

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    2. Do you think that having an RN without the ADN would limit job choices? Or do the hospitals mainly care about the RN license?
    Here is a list of the pros/cons that my college gives out:

    The advantages of completing the 30-unit option are:
    a) Less required courses
    b) Possible earlier admission to program

    The disadvantages of completing the 30-unit option are:
    a) Jeopardized ability to become licensed in some states
    b) Considered a non-graduate of College and its nursing program
    c) Ineligible to participate in the College nursing program pinning ceremony
    d) A less well-rounded education to meet the needs of clients
    e) Possible difficulty pursuing advanced degrees
    f) Not posted on your official College transcript

    I have heard that this option is looked upon as similar to diploma nursing and isn't a hinderance to working within California for positions not requiring a BS degree.

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    3. Any other thoughts on this program?
    I'm actively considering becoming an LVN to enter this bridge program rather than sit on the waiting list. However, I've already received an AA degree in Liberal Studies and have completed all of my lower division general education classes and the other required classes for the RN program, so I would actually graduate with an AS-RN, not just the certificate.

    A roundabout way to the AS-RN, but it just might work! :chuckle