Business Nurse?

  1. I am applying to a couple schools in my area and in talking to people, many say that certain schools prepare you more for nursing vs. others. Some say that X school focuses on the business or management side of nursing whereas Y school prepares you to function independently as a nurse. My question is if you go to school that teaches you more management aspects of nursing can you catch up to nurses that were prepared differently?
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  3. by   Katnip
    Most universities do teach some business management aspects. Having had a business degree before my BSN, I really don't see that they focused so terribly much on business. No accounting, no finance, no marketing. They did stress motivation for supervisors, but to be honest, it was spread over two classes that also included things like best practice concepts and keeping aware of changes within the profession.

    We had one class in research. Even if you don't become a researcher it's invaluable to know how to read all that research about drugs and procedures to ferret out at least something close to the truth.

    BSNs do tend to be a bit shorter on clinical skills. But that is something that you can catch up on. I started working without ever having seen a colostomy. Another nurse who graduated from an ADN program was a pro with ostomies, but had never inserted a Foley, male or female.

    We just helped each other out, shared our strenghts and shored up each other's weaknesses. We learned a heck of a lot from each other.
  4. by   GPatty
    I graduated without ever having done a catheter either! But now, although i still haven't done alot, at least I do know how!

    I guess nursing is alot of "learn as you go" type of job.....