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Anyone have experience in switching nursing specialties? I currently am in my 10th year of SICU/Trauma nursing and have hit a brick wall. After much denial, soul searching, and frustration, I have... Read More

  1. by   lisaloulou
    The hardest thing to do sometimes is step back and make a decision for change! Pat yourself on the back for deciding to take care of YOU for once. And, DONT SELL YOURSELF SHORT, your experience and expertise is very valuable in any other specialty. Newborns are neurologically underdeveloped humans making a transition from fetal circulation,into a harsh environment. Im sure you can name 5 things that could cause a problem right off the top of your head. Its all interconnected, and a good adult CCRN can function anywhere better than the average bear. If they ask why just tell them you are interested in broadening your horizons-which is true. You should be able to transfer at your current rate of pay.
    Sometimes what you love the most is poisonous. You are a brave person to step out and make a fresh start. (applause and confetti............)
  2. by   abbynormal
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hi,
    [font=Comic Sans MS]you are not alone in your feelings. i switched from ICU to CCU to ER to TELE to conquer my career demons. Initially it is like getting a booster shot. If you find your niche the booster will provide lifelong immunity. From personal experience and a lot of research, making negative comments( even completely truthful ) will count against you. Be positive and say you are ready for a new career challenge. Interviewers automatically think you will speak poorly of them, when and if you move on. There is a bit of paranoid tendancies in HR and Managers. Believe it or not, new grads make pretty close to what experienced nurses make; depending on state and city. I precepted several new grads who started out making more money than i. sad but true. so do not let money stop you.
    [font=Comic Sans MS]~A change is difficult but the way you feel, it will be a relief. The nursing shortage is in your favor, depending again on your geographic location.
    [font=Comic Sans MS]~Hang in there. You obviously have a lot of passion
    [font=Comic Sans MS]~abbynormal