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Hi collegues, I really would like some advice please. My unit Manager is going out of her way to be nasty and bullying, I don't know what i should do, should i leave it and try my best to ignore... Read More

  1. by   bubbles64
    She will not break me I will go to work today as a professional, I know i do a good job i have many who tell me that including, doctors, hospital supervisors and other unit managers. With this person it is how much she can manipulate you and unfortunately she does not like the way i do things, if she wants to talk further to me it will be out in the open in front of others as i have not done anything wrong.
  2. by   texastaz
    Quote from bubbles64
    This is all untrue, if anyone read the minutes of the ward meetings they would see my name is there as present at all meetings except when they are held on a monday as i work elsewhere, the last meeting i tiold her earlier in the day that i had to leave no later than 3.10 pm to pick my children up from school as my husband was away and i had no other way of getting them home.
    Beware of the "working elsewhere" - also "having children" - you would think Nursing would be a friendlier enviorment. Sad- honesty is not always the best policy and in this world such a thing can still set you up for the Viper bite. Just don't bad mouth - and Yes in this modern world - report the harrassment HR because it is your only defense of not getting stabbed in the back.
  3. by   Goingthere
    killing her with kindness does not mean sucking up- I'm not encouraging you to buy her coffee. It simply means that if she makes a suggestion acknowledge it "thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate your feedback." don't go into work expecting a bad day or for her to say anything, if she does shake it off and keep moving. I like to take a break and pray for the person and breathe, because do you know how miserable you have to be to try and ruin someone day on purpose? Once she sees her ***** attitude or constant 2 cents doesn't bug you shell stop.