Bugs as Food Additive - Who Knew?

  1. Can't we just have real food?

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Kinda made me think of the time i read somewhere (wish i couold remember what the site was called) where some cereal company deemed 2 mouse turds per so many pounds of cereal was "acceptable." Meanwhile i said "uh acceptable to WHO??":stone
  4. by   lannisz
    Yuck!! I'm never eating Yoplait again!
  5. by   shrimpchips
    yeah, i'm with zias...i'm never eating yoplait yogurt again! o_O;
  6. by   Wife of Spinner
    Ok folks, this will really make you forget your carbs! My father-in-law worked for a milling company and one of the inspectors at his company had an unusual part of his job description. He had to take samples of the flour being milled to determine how many bug parts per million their were. Apparently, the FDA has a standard for how many part per million are allowed before it can be consumed by humans! (Have a hard time eating anything with flour in it without thinking how many bugs I am eating!)
  7. by   fantasie
    Oh come on, what's a little extra protein among friends? And good and plenty WAS my favorite candy...sigh.