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  1. i had graduated with a bsn degree a couple of years ago...due to some events that had happened, i was not able to work with my chosen field and had pushed aside the that i'm trying to get back in the action, i found out that it's very hard to find a job for someone not licensed ...any suggestions???
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  3. by   MollyJ
    1) consider refresher course and then sitting for boards
    2) I know a nurse who allowed her licensure to lapse who works as a case manager at a Community developmental delay organization. She does case management on mentallly retarded adults and children. Don't expect comparable pay. Also some local departments of aging will hire non nurses to be CM's for the elderly and they might well look at you. Ibid on the pay.
    3) you could work in many non-skilled allied health roles: unit clerk, doc's office roles (but be careful that you are not used to do things you can only do licensed and don't call yourself an RN). So many docs are hiring MA's that you could compete for these jobs but it would be a waste of your skills, because you would not get paid for your knowledge base unless you worked for a very ethical doc. (And even an ethical doc should not pay you as well as he/she would a nurse who takes the time to maintain licensure.)

    I vote for #1 unless you just don't want to be a nurse anymore.
  4. by   mustangsheba
    Get your license. You haven't been out that long.