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Hi! Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to boost staff morale at work? I am trying at my LTC facility but it seems like everyone has a miserable attitude. I really dislike working with... Read More

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    . We started incorporating some of those principles in our hospital 2 years ago and now we have a waiting list for nursing, lab, and radiology of people wanting to come to work at our hospital because they have "heard" what a great place to work it has become.
    We started a service excellence program lead by the, of course, service excellence team. The CEO gave the team the responsibility and authority to do whatever was needed to have, as he put it, "happy patients, happy nurses, happy doctors." There are many many many things that can be done to improve morale if your leadership will allow it. If you came up with a plan and a program and approached them with it, I bet they would let you implement it as well.
    Those positive "IFs" make a big difference.
    Sounds like YOU CEO truly want the hospital to care for patients. Too bad others do not.

    At one"forum" an LVN was talking about an idea to put disposable or any other brush to clean large fracture bedpans. Many are thrown away because they cannot be cleaned deeply enough, the gloves are not long enough.
    Do you think wasting supplies, infection control, or the nurses opinion was respected?
    Well he took out a clipper and began to work on his cuticles. No eye contact.

    Good IF the leadership will allow it.