1. What kind of bonuses does your employer have available to you and what do you have to do to earn them?

    Hiring bonus? Shift bonus? Overtime bonus? Retention bonus? Attendance bonus? are a few that come to mind.

    What kinds would you like to have implemented at your facility that other places have?
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  3. by   rnmi2004
    I recently accepted a position at a hospital (will start as soon as I pass the NCLEX-RN) and I received a sign-on bonus. I receive half of it with my first check & the other half at the end of my first year. I will get another bonus after 24 months & an even larger bonus after 36 months of continuous employment.

    There is a shift differential for hours worked between 3p & 7a & an additional hourly increase for any weekends worked, even if it isn't OT hours.

    If someone is hired in to this facility & they put you down on the app as a referral, you receive a bonus after that person has worked a specified amount of time (I think it is 6 months?). The size of the bonus depends on the position.
  4. by   dosamigos76
    I don't know about sign-on bonuses, but if we work an additional shift, it is an extra $150! We have a $3 an hour shift differential after 1900 and and additional $3 an hour for weekends.