Blood in Urine...

  1. First off, I want to say on record...I LOVE MY NP!!!!! She is the most helpful medical person I have ever worked with when it comes to my own personal health!!
    Guys, I need some help. 3wks ago had my annual at GYN office. NP noted at the time I had blood in my urine, asked that I come back in when I had my mammogram done and let her recheck. Since then my pap came back normal, nothing unusual found. Went to get the mammo today, and of course, my urine is still showing blood. I am a healthy 36yo, one child, had 3 lumps removed from breast due to fibrocyctic breasts, all benign. Now, I know I should NOT think this way, but all I can think is the 50 BAD things this could be!!! NP had the doc come in and talk to me, who mostly felt it could be a kidney stone and told me not to worry. He said he would send a letter to my PCP so she could refer me to a Urologist to follow up, since, of course, I can self refer to GYN, but PCP has to do any other referrals.

    I need to calm myself down over this. I know blood in urine should NEVER EVER be ignored or taken lightly. Why am I only seeing the worst case senario here?

    Thanks for listening and any thoughts are GREATLY appreciated!!
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  3. by   a_crftyldy
    I can sympathize with you, my mother is going through this right now. It started with severe left flank pain that later turned into blood in her urine. My first thought was a kidney stone but took her to the ER anyhow. They did a CT scan and sure enough, kidney stone (God, I love it when I'm right :chuckle ). Went to see a urologist today and now she's scheduled to have surgery on Friday as well as lithotripsy.

    Try not to get yourself too worked up over this. I know it's easy to always think the worst but don't cause yourself any stress. Do get in to see a urologist asap. Hope everything comes out ok for you. Keep us posted.
  4. by   ferfer
    Wow, I do know exactly how you feel to have the feeling of uncertainty. I have had blood in my urine and abd pain for over a year. It took several months to convince my doc to do further investigation......though it shouldn't have!! Then I had a bladder scan, normal. Then a kidney/bladder ultrasound- normal. Then a cystoscopy which showed scarring, redness, and swelling on the bladder floor. Doc said no big deal- says it results from having previous UTIs that have hurt the bladder, but not a malignancy. Says come back if you have any more problems!! What?! I am nimrod! I have pain all the time. Recently I have looked into something called intestitial cystitis and sounds like it fits my profile, although I have recently seen a new doc and he wants to do all this kidney testing.

    Sigh......enough about me! Just wanted to convey that I know it is hard to think positive and you might get the run around like i did. However it sure beats thinking negative and the power of the mind never ceases to amaze me!! Also, keep in mind there are cases of completely benign hematuria. Hang in there and it will all turn out for you
  5. by   WickedRedRN
    Thank you for helping. I will not feel totally better until this is over, but I suppose that is normal. I am also not the best patient, as you can imagine. My mom is a RN and I called her to blubber a bit on her shoulder too! I am trying to relax and should hear from my PCP tommorow.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    lori, are you having any pain? with interstitial cystitis, there will be pain. whenever i go for my physical, i have (microscopic) blood, so my md calls it 'idiopathic hematuria'. all she did was r/o a uti, but i'm not having any pain. she just told me that if the blood ever becomes visible, to let her know.