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Don't laugh - does anyone's facility do that? I left work today having already put in 24 hours this weekend and determined that it wouldn't be 32 (this is just supposed to be a PRN job now...) The... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well, neither place I work really allows for this. It is a rare day when we can tell the house supe NO more patients w/o additional staff and really GET anywhere. (it has only been successful once or twice). But then OB is always at the bottom of the food chain and we often get med/surg patients from other floors or directly from OR/ER ( they are female) when we have an empty bed. I need to brush up on my m/s skills, I s'pose. (I hate m/s frankly but no choice here).

    Example: today, We had 2 empty bed left, all the rest were filled up with m/s patients. Even our actual labor beds. (we are LDR and Postpartum). And then we got a labor patient, leaving us ONE labor bed should any more labor patients come in. When they send us these patients, they always tell us they will be d/c in the a.m. but it never happens, creating a HUGE logjam in our bed assignments. Rarely do the docs get to making rounds til late afternoon/evening to discharge these people.

    AH, yep it gets hairy and NO we don't get more nurses to handle it, even if the patients we get are a bit out of our area of expertise. Does not matter. We simply have to figure it out and suck it up. It is making me want to get out of OB and maybe hospital nursing altogether. After all, "A nurse is a nurse is a nurse", as the old, tired saying goes in the hospital arena.
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