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Got accepted into nursing school last semester and will start fall of 2010. I am currently doing my core courses. Since it will take me awhile to get my ADN I decide to get my EMT certification.... Read More

  1. by   LockportRN
    Quote from Marvie
    Well, I am deaf (progressive SNL) and I dont consider myself disabled either however everyone else does, including the legal system and the ADA. Nope sorry Ive never been to Illinois. my name is just a nickname because when people ask me how I am i reply just marvy. LOL
    LOL, what a great name! Thanks for the reply.

    Another question, what implication does it have for a nurse that is 'disabled' by the standards of the law and the ADA?? Is there a site that you know of that I could go to??

    I wonder, if I can compensate with my 'good' eye, do I have to, by law disclose this?? It does not prevent me from doing my job. Well, I guess they would know during the hiring physical, but something about your post makes me feel that I need to learn more.

    Thanks again!
  2. by   traumaRUs
    I'm both a pre-hospital RN on a volunteer squad, drive a big ole firetruck and I'm an RN and APN. And....I have no vision in my left eye.

    Heck except for it being a drag in the those stupid 3-D movies - not a problem! Tee hee hee, my husband gets a kick out of the fact that the 3-D glasses do nothing for me...but it hasn't hindered me one bit.
  3. by   Amanda Marie Lovar
    i have the same problem, iam legally blind but still in high school. I really want to major in nursing and obtain my BSN. I was thinking about the same points that you mentioned, it would be a waist for me to pay so much money and persue something that iam not able to do. The responses really helped me, what do i have to lose iam going to go for it.
  4. by   gcupid
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    I am legally blind in my left eye, with 20/200 vision which means I can generally make out shapes and colors, but little else. It hasn't held me back one iota..........just need readers so I can see the small print on medication vials!
    So u trust some of these people to tell u the right dosage and/or right drug that you're given in a vial....

    here's a scenario: You and an evil co-worker who cant stand u.

    You: "Is this 1mg of morphine?

    Evil Coworker: "Yeah, (helfa its really 10mg)"

    So you push it and the patient codes....Resp. depression @ its finest....
  5. by   gcupid
    I'm being ignorant don't mind me.....
  6. by   ldslees
    I am have been legally blind in my left eye since birth, and wear glasses for the other eye. I have always been able to do anything that I set my mind to....have always driven. I find that I tend to double check myself maybe more than the next person...but being careful isn't a bad trait in my eyes! My husband had suggested that maybe I think of another career choice, but this is where my heart lies...and I won't let anyone veer me in another direction. You will know if and/or when this isn't right for you!!! Good Luck!!