Biological Ageing

  1. I'm studying the Ageing process - I've got to write an essay 1500 words on biological, physiological & Sociological ageing -

    any ideas or cues ?
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  3. by   Tim-GNP

    I am a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, and as far as I am concerned you couldn't have picked a better topic!

    Go to the following sites for information.. I am not sure what you need:

    These are just a few of my favorite destinations. There are some wonderful books out there, including the nursing text by Ebersole & Hess entitled "Toward Healthy Aging" it does a WONDERFUL job dealing with the 3 realms you must write on. Good luck with your essay!!!


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    After 30 years sober my house burned down, kids were grown and gone, and I had one double screwdriver.
    Within a month I was drinking a fifth+ daily for two years.
    Had a pneumo rt. lung and after that was fixed (they were unaware of my being in DT's and treated me like a psych patient.
    When I finally came around (had to have booze brought into me in hospital or die) Haldol is not the drug of choice for detoxing alcohol patients.
    I didn't fit the profile for a psych admission and kept walking from detox so they figured I would qualify as a geriatric patient and locked me down with 8 Alzheimer patients.
    Eight days later I was sober and in the 3 months or so since getting out of detox I've made this site.
    check out the message my son placed in the summary section.