Better Job?

  1. Better Job?
    Which sounds like the better job?

    Current job: I would make $1,193.84 more a year (~22.95 a week).
    I also drive 45 minutes from my house, 1 hour from my boyfriend's house.

    The other job (smaller community hospital) is a 20 minute commute from my house, 35 minutes from his house.

    There is a potential to make more at the lesser paying job in the future, because you can get a raise 2x a year (once due to merit, once due to the hospital keeping up with other hopsitals), whereas at my current job you can get a raise once a year (merit).

    My current job is only laboring patients, many of whom are high risk.

    The job I am considering: LDRP. You rotate, but they try to put you most often in one place that you like (labor for me). I would have more independence at the small community hospital: no residents or med students, and the nurse does her own exams on patients to see how they are progressing in labor.

    This would be good experience for me as I want to become a nurse pracitioner eventually (my assessment skills would be more fine tuned in general). But: wanting to be an NP, would schools and potential employers rather see me have more experience in a big teaching hospital?

    However: I have to put in a year at my current place of employment, so I don't know how I would fit in orientation and work my current job. I might have to work my 40 hours plus one extra day (8 hours my guess) a week. I know many people work over 40 hours a week, but the night shift is very tiring for me!

    I can't leave my job after a year and THEN start orientation at the new job, because they are going to need people in the summer who are off of orientation due to maternity leaves and retirement.

    Both jobs are night shift positions.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    How about posting these questions to an NP or CNM? they would know better ....I would think having as much experience across the perinatal continuum would be best...and yes, that would include all aspects of LDRP and newborn care, not just labor. You could try posting this on the NP thread area, too. Good luck.