Best Way to Find a Job After Graduation?

  1. I am just starting a nursing program and am seeking a position as a Unit Secretary. Do you recommend a better way? Is there another position in a hospital? Is networking during clinicals the best way?
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  3. by   passing thru
    Hi Kristin.
    First, do you absolutely HAVE to work? Working during nursing school should be considered as a last resort....something you absolutely MUST do to eat.
    Nursing school is very demanding and difficult.
    Unit secretary is also a very difficult position. Unless you have experience in that position, there is lot to learn...A LOT ! .....the unit secretary keeps the unit functioning. The sec communicates with all staff, all departments, physicians, families, ad infinitum.
    I personally would not advise taking on a unit secretary position while simultaneously taking on nursing school.
    To answer your question, the best way to find a job after graduation; I would choose the hospital that is most convenient for me and the one I wanted to work at. During school, you will have plenty of time to let the people at the hospital know that you want to work there. They will be flattered to hear you have chosen them. There is a nurse's shortage, a severe one in most places, so you will not have a problem finding a job.
    Good luck.
  4. by   KristinWW
    Thank you Passing! No don't have to work but I'm frightened when I hear stories of graduating student nurses not finding employment except in home health care.

    I'm getting mixed reviews on the nursing shortage. I was an Allied Health Advisor for 3 years at a college and I heard the cry over and over of graduating student nurses unable to find employment. However, this was about 10 years ago.
  5. by   NicuNsg
    Your in Florida trust me there are no shortage of jobs. Hospitals are desperate. So much infact that a lot of hospitals will hire you as a Nurse Tech after your 1st or 2nd semester, in hopes to smooze you and keep you after you graduate. Contact the Nurse Recruiter at the local hospitals, they can help. Good luck...
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