Best travel companies..and why?

  1. Hi all you wonderful nurses! I know you dont hear that enough..I am a single nurse w/ fifteen yrs in the OR and am wanting to start traveling early next year, but there are so many companies and I want THE BEST. Can any of you seasoned travelers tell me about your experiences and maybe recommend a company. One reason I want to travel is I want JUST an 8 hr day. Do you think I can accomplish this? I DONT WANT TO DO CALL ANYMORE, too old, too tired, too fed up with that dang 1.50 an hr to put your life on hold and never get a full nights sleep or not a good one, knowing the phone will ring...any help appreciated..Deb RN
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  3. by   renerian
    Most of the posts I have seen for OR have an on call stipulation but I never looked for that type of travel assignment so it could be there somewhere. Try

    put in travel nurse clubs
    you can find one for traveling nurses /therpists
    if your in the right one/I think there is only 1 but I would be wrong
    go to the pull down menue for other affiliated clubs
    pull down and click on TNT or TVT I cannot remember which and you can
    find a ton of assignments
    You can stay in the first club and pop up all kinds of search words to learn
    about posted related to OR

    I will be out of the town most of the weekend but post and let me know you found the delphi club