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  1. I am a nursing student, and I am 26. I have 3 children, 7, 6, and 4. When I begin working full time after graduating, my youngest will be in school all day during the week. I am thinking through what shifts may work for our family. My goal is to be home when they are awake and home. I am naturally a night person. I've done graphic and web design at nights as a freelancer, during their very young years, to supplement our income, and so I could be an at home mom. I was perfectly able to function throughout the day after staying up til 1-2 am. And thank goodness my husband didn't have to leave for work until 8 am, so I was able to sleep that late.

    Okay, so anyway, I think that if I were able to take the night shift, I could be home when they are getting up, get them off to school, and sleep during the day while they are in school. Up at 4 when they are getting off the bus, and then I would be home until bedtime... well almost, for dinner, and family time. 4 nights a week, and maybe a 5th night for OT, if I'm needed would be ideal, weekends at home. The day time shifts seem tricky to me, cause I am overlapping with their schedules too much, and can't work 12 hours for sure...

    Is this a pipe dream, or is it do-able?

    (added note, I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a kid... I'm soooo excited that this could happen for me, and I can't wait to go to work in this field, I just hope it will work with our family!)

    - Cindy
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  3. by   nurse_clown
    [font="fixedsys"][color="mediumturquoise"]well, one of my friends works for a community agency. she can make up her schedule and she does stuff like palliative care, tube feeds, dressings, injections, clinics etc.etc. she really loves it. it involves driving and going into peoples homes. some days, she can book herself for a lot of homes and other days, she'll just go to one visit. the people are nice to her and she works during the day.

    she has two kids and she's a single mother. she also just bought a house and a new car. she can make as much or as little as she wants. sounds like a lot less stress.
  4. by   Camelhappy1
    Hey - you hit the nail right on the head.

    This is exactly what the majority of the nurses I work nights with do. They choose to work nights and do just what you described. It seems to work well for a lot of mums (and dads). In fact, I even know a husband and wife nurse team that both work nights (on different units) so that they can drive their kids to school as a family and eat dinner together (grandma lives at home to oversee kids at nighttime). Don't worry, it is a feasible plan!
  5. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    Some hospitals now have parent shifts, although I don't believe they are full time positions.... You work from like 9-2 or 9-3, so that way you are home when your kids are. Maybe check into the hospitals around you and see if they have that!
  6. by   splunking
    Thanks everyone! Great feedback, I have been getting comments from some family members, about how I could even work and be a mom... ugh. Luckily my husband is 100% on board and excited for me... YAY!

    Thanks again!
    - Cindy
  7. by   ljds
    I work 3 12 hour shifts; Fri, Sat, Sun nights. My dh works during the day during the week. My kids are in school all day. I am home in time on Monday, to get them up and ready for school, and I pick them up every day after school, except for Friday, when I sleep a bit in the afternoon. My dh is a teacher, and he is home every day around 4pm. We have alot of time together in the evening. I can manipulate my sleep schedule on the weekends so that if there is something I want to do with the kids (go to a play, etc), I can. We always eat breakfast together on Sat and Sun and go for a walk, bike ride, or to the library before I hit the sack.

    During the week I volunteer in their school and often eat lunch with them. I feel like we get alot of family time.

    It certainly isn't a perfect schedule, and it isn't for everyone, but it works well for us.

    Oh, but I recommend a dog! I get lonely during the week days sometimes, and now that we have a dog, it's great! When I sleep during the day, she cuddles with me, and she also keeps me company during the day while everyone is at work. Otherwise I'd be on the computr all day. Instead I am often at the dog park or taking her on a big long walk. It keeps me from being a slug.

  8. by   yvonnemuse
    When I became a single Mom , Nights was really the only feasible option as I was truly alone. I hired a neighboorhood boy to sleep at the house rather cheaply and I was home in time to get the kids up and off to school. While I was married and the kids were much younger I did eves as they went to bed at 7 pm and i did not miss much of their day . Now I like to know they are in bed and safe (age 10 and 13) before I leave for my shift. Even though it shorts my sleep I am available to pick up a sick kid, meet with a teacher or run an errand during the day.:zzzzz