Best of 2004! - Most Popular Nursing Discussions

  1. looking back on 2004, we had some great topics discussed, and amazing growth to our online community of nurses. below is a list of the top nursing topics that were started in 2004, and some statistics from 2004. thanks to all our members!

    statistics for 2004
    23,751 new members
    27,902 new nursing related topics
    250,217 new nursing related posts

    enjoy! please feel free to share these with your nursing colleagues.

    top nursing discussions of 2004
    obviously, we could not list all the popular threads, so if we didn't list your favorite thread, feel free to reply and post links to your favorite thread from 2004! or just leave comments
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  3. by   Tweety
    My favorite threads are the Good Morning Threads on the breakroom every day.

    But my most favorite threads were in the Current Events such as

    The ACLU must be destroyed!

    Gay Marriage

    Christianity and Christmas

  4. by   mercyteapot
    I've read ten of the most popular topics, and posted in five of them.

    My favorite thread, hands down, is "Make Up a Total Lie About the Poster Above You". I'm pretty sure that doesn't say anything especially favorable about me, but I really enjoy the creativity displayed.