Best BSN schools?

  1. Hi, I live in Colorado and I'm finishing up my prerequisites for the CU Denver BSN program. I would also like to apply to other top BSN programs across the country. I cannot find any sort of ranking online. Do you know of a ranking, or is there a general consensus of top schools?

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  3. by   MurseMikeD
    If you're at all interested in California, our board of registered nursing posts the NCLEX-RN pass rates of students from each school for the past five years at You might look in to whether other states do the same.

    Since you need to be licensed to practice, that's at least one objective measure you can look at.
  4. by   nancy_panatsorn
    Hi Andrew,

    I live in CA and am thinking about applying to a BSN in CSU Denver too. Would you mind sharing about GPA requirements, TEAS score requirements, and other useful information? In California, it's very competitive - in a lot of schools a 4.0 is not enough! You may not want to come here. Also, many schools won't consider out of state applicants because the waiting lists are 2-3 years.

    Why aren't you considering Colorado schools?

  5. by   Freedom42
    For what it's worth, U.S. News & World Report ranks graduate nursing programs. The University of Washington is often ranked No. 1. But just how accurate those rankings are is debatable. It's no secret that many elite schools now refuse to participate, deeming them little more than a public relations exercise. I'm not saying U of W isn't a good school, only to take it all with a grain -- or maybe a tablespoon -- of salt. Other schools frequently mentioned in those rankings include Michigan, Penn, and Johns Hopkins.
  6. by   worldonastrng
    I have looked at CU Denver, and am very impressed. This is where I would like to go. They only look at your cum GPA, prereq GPA, and a one page (single spaced) essay. No TEAS. They emphasize a background of diversity and good numbers. There is no waiting list. Either you get in or you don't.

    I don't know anything about CSU.