Benefits vs no benefits. I have a ? for ya. - page 2

Does anyone work at a hospital that rewards you monetarily for not being in on their health insurance coverage? I currently am on my husband's health insurance at his work (at no cost to us), so I... Read More

  1. by   susanmary
    I do not subscribe to any of my hospital's insurance plans -- do NOT get any reimbursements/kickbacks for this. No perks for taking no insurance.
  2. by   Marj Griggs
    I had "double insurance" for several years--never had a co-pay for medical care and even had three dental crowns and a 4-tooth bridge fully paid!! I"m not sure it was truly cost-effective, but it sure was convenient LOL. Now with one plan I"m paying all that stuff (half a crown was $350 just last month)
  3. by   heartholder
    I work what is called POP ( premium occasional pay) I work 32 hours a week and get $5 more an hour. but that means no vacation or sick time either. I am also required to work 2 holidays a year and 4 weekends, so far I have worked one holiday and no weekends. I work in the OR. but I am the only POP nurse they have. I could work part-time or full-time and not take the insurance (my husband carries the insurance) with no compensation for not taking the hospitals terrible insurance. so I just work my hours and save the difference for my vacations and sick perk is I can not be made to do OT.