1. I am looking into 3 different hospitals, and on my favorite I saw this. How much do R.N's typically pay a month for health/vision/dental insurance (single person), as I am very clueless. Still on my parents insurance...Thanks in Advance!

    An Overview of Benefits Offered at Capital Regional Medical Center
    Enjoy benefits with HCA administered by Lifetimes Connections. We offer a POS Blue options plan through BCBS of FL, as well as the Aetna Smart Care Plan for Medical Insurance. In addition, we offer the EyeMed vision plan and a choice of three (3) dental plans (Metlife Dental PPO, and Cigna and Compdent, dental HMO's).

    HCA Savings and Retirement Programs
    Available to All Employees Retirement Plan - Automatically enrolled after completing one year of service (1000 hours; must be age 21+). Capital Regional makes an annual contribution to each eligible employee's retirement account. The contribution is determined by employee's salary and years of service. You become partially vested in this Plan after 3 years of service. Then, your vesting percentage increases each year until you are 100% vested after 7 years of service.


    Enrollment is available to all employees age 18+. Capital Regional contributes 50% on the first 3% of employee contributions. The vesting period is three (3) years.
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  3. by   APBT mom
    The benefits sound good but it doesn't really say anything about the cost just what they have. From what I remember about the BCBS plan POS doesn't only stand for point of service in most cases. They usually have high deductables and co insurance. Never heard of the Aetna one and vision and dental usually varies by contract usually one pair of glasses a year two dental exams a year 80/20 up to $1000 then you're not covered until the following contract year.

    Best bet would be if you decide to apply and get hired for the job HR will give you a copy of what is covered and how much it'll cost you. If they offer different plan options make sure you weigh what they are taking out of your check and deductibles and coinsurance/copays that'll you'll have to pay throughout the year including script coverage. If you go to the MD's a lot the cheap plan may end up being more expensive. Whatever you decide insurance is better than no insurace and most policies will not cover a dependent once they are a certain age or have graduated from school.
  4. by   anc33
    I do not work for HCA but I do have BCBS through the state. I can tell you that our plans run $25 for medical, around $7 for vision, and anywhere from $15-30 for dental per pay period. I do not know a single person who has opted into a dental plan. Check what they cover and how much you may end up paying for foreseeable procedures. Ex. none of those dental plans will cover you if you chip a tooth while eating for instance.