Being Questioned by Paramedics? Why? - page 3

So the other night I was at work. The power went out earlier that day so we were running off of a half way working generator. Well I go to change my elderly pt's tube feed and noticed he was... Read More

  1. by   southernbeegirl
    thanks, medic.

    i feel like we SHOULD act as a team from the bed, to the transport, to the hospital. the patients deserve that.

    i also got tired of hearing "that was the best report i ever got from a nursing home" type stuff. EVERY report should be that good.

    i think we are lucky in my town. we have a great group of EMT's from the transport trucks to the ACLS trucks. we use a certain company for each. we have one guy basically assigned to our facility to do our MD appts and couldnt ask for a better guy. he stays with the patients, ALWAYS gives us report of what the doc said and even takes people thru McDonalds if they are hungry and he has time.

    i had a lady crash on me a few weeks ago. she aspirated. sats in the 50s and she was a full code. i was suctioning the heck out of her and trying to get her sats up when the paramedics came bounding thru the door. instead of pushing me out of the way, they jumped in to help me, asking what was going on,etc and i was finally able to turn her over to them to intubate. i bagged while they started lines,etc. and guess what? she made it!

    besides...the uniform is SEXY!
  2. by   tencat
    Wow, you must have the same ambulance service we have in our town....I argued with EMS once about sending a patient with altered mental status who had no caregiver in the home, who was having apnea as well. Turns out he'd had an overdose on morphine......but EMS just wanted to walk away and not take the patient to the ER. They could have given him narcan at the scene, but no one figured (myself included) that this was what had happened due to the fact the patient was a liver patient and had symptoms that were in line with encephalopathy. He got his narcan in the ER and woke right up
  3. by   paratroopa
    There is a reason they are referred to as "paraGODS"