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I have read previous posts on how to deal with constant calls on your days off from your employer asking you to work. I work the night shift, and finally decided to deal with this annoyance by... Read More

  1. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from prmenrs
    I do answer: "no, thanks, I have plans (whether you do or not, none of their business)" or "say the magic words (time and 1/2)".
    I do answer too, all the time, whether it is yes or no. Sometimes I do go in because they make it worth my while. That time and a half plus 15 bucks an hour makes it worth my while. If my answer is no, I get no hassle.
  2. by   jo272wv
    On a positive note, my hospital usually post a seperate sheet from the schedule that list hours available for overtime that any nurse can sign up for. The only problem with signing is that if census is down you are the first called off since its overtime. If you worked the night before and you slept all day in anticipation of going in, it wasted a whole day off. I prefer that they call and ask me to come in, then I know at that moment if I got enough sleep to handle the shift, plus when I am working and the posibility of being short comes up, I am so thankful for the nurses that come in when called. Nursing is a teamwork profession and is stressful even when you are not short staffed, so I help when I can. If I can not go in then I simply tell them, when they call, that I was up all day and dont feel I would be safe taking care of pts, that usually is enough said. If you work on a floor that does not respect your dicision to not work when called and causes you grief, maybe it would be time to look at another floor that will respect your personal life more.