Being a preceptor means you can sit all day??? - page 2

Hi- Thanks in advance for reading and responding! I am a new grad doing orientation on a stepdown unit. Her is an example of a typical day: On my 4th clinical day I was given 3 of my... Read More

  1. by   Diahni
    Sounds like you are a natural teacher - offering advice, yet also giving people some room to breathe. Wish all preceptors were like that!
  2. by   meownsmile
    When i precept i usually like others have them walk the day with me the first couple days. I will have them take 1-2 patients and do assessments, give meds(with me of course), check labs, orders, make rounds on those patients with doctors say day 3-4. I make sure i introduce the orientee to the doctors as we make rounds so they know its not just a shadow for the day or something. I will let them make calls on the patients they have been caring for etc. I let them do total care for those 1-2,, then in a week or so when i know they are getting comfortable i give them a couple more. I have them take report on surgicals, new admits, do admissions and all the paperwork that goes with it. I think by the time they are done with me they have a pretty good concept of the daily routines and are usually ready to take the full team and give report to the rest of the team. By that time they are off with someone else on another unit for a couple days.
    Havent had anyone complain as of yet. but no i dont sit all day. I am usually followingup making sure things are getting done and not being overlooked. As well as taking care of my own patients.
    I will NOT hang over a orientee though. That does nothing but make them nervous and the patients cant have confidence in their care if someone is hanging off their coat tail.