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Sorry, don't often dump here but I have had two days from HE$% or two days that make one wonder why nursing, and not flipping burgers? I work on a CC "step down" (yeah right) unit. Because we are... Read More

  1. by   RNConnieF
    LOL, I was saying all day that there must have been some strange planetary convergence going on. Glad it wasn't just the heavens above here. Monday HAS to be better. Val, thanks for the offer but I would NEVER have done that to a student. Your job is to gain as much hands on education as you can no matter what is going on on the floor. As a student you have the grab every clinical experience you can.
  2. by   VickyRN
    Connie, so sorry about your situation! It frankly makes me very upset reading all this, because you are being placed in a very dangerous situation--dangerous for your patients, dangerous for your license. NO ONE, no matter how experienced, could manage such a patient load safely. If this is "typical" for this unit, or even a "once-in-awhile" scenario, you need to GET OUT ASAP!!!! You are a relatively new grad with such a kind, considerate heart. It is obvious that you are a great nurse but that TPTB are taking advantage of your relative inexperience. I am afraid if this stuff continues, you are going to be burned out from bedside nursing before you reach your second year out of school!!!! And TPTB could care less!!! All they care about is the "bottom line." This just burns me up--putting patients lives in jeopardy, putting the professional staff through so much hell, all over the almighty dollar. I am a new ADN nursing instructor and the institution in which I was recently employed had the "step-down" units also. Certain of these units are terribly unsafe, unmanageable, and are mere dumping grounds from the ICU's or overflow from the ICU when the ICU doesn't have any more beds!!!! I advise my students to NEVER even THINK of working there!!! (Any patient on a vent or multiple drips, IMHO, needs to be in an ICU with 2:1 ratio.) I don't want any of my "babies" getting burned out in their first year out of nursing school and I am doing my best to steer them clear of the shark-infested waters.
  3. by   jnette

    Please tell me where you work, Connie... just want to make d*** sure I never go there !!!
    I DO so hope your new week is better. ((( BIG OL' HUGS ! )))