Before I became a nurse I didn't understand... but now it all makes sense

  1. hello everybody,

    It's my first month here, and I was so excited to see the popularity of my very first thread "you know you've been a nurse for way too long when..." that I'm going to try 2 for 2.

    In case I haven't mentioned this enough - my mom's a nurse.
    And when I was a little girl, whenever I got sick and turned to my mom she'd say "you're fine" and leave it at that. Before I became a nurse I didn't understand. She's my mom and she's a nurse. Shouldn't she care that I'm sick? But now it all makes sense. She dealt with sick people all day long- the LaSt thing she wanted to do when she got home was deal with her sick kid! I guess that saying is true "one day we'll all look back at this and laugh"

    So what's you're story? Whether it be funny or frustrating, for better or for worse, nurses are a unique bunch, and I want to hear it
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    I am not a nurse, but I can understand your mother.
  4. by   madwife2002
    My 10yr old son came in to wake one day after night duty, saying his finger was bleeding badly and he needed a plaster (band aid) i took one look and said dont worry you'll be fine, and said sorry dont have any plasters. That evening he came home to ask ' Why is it our house is the only house in the street who doesn't have plasters, and you are the only mom who is a nurse' :chuckle I did feel a bit bad a few weeks later when I saw how the finger had scarred .

    Hey i still dont have plasters or bandages 8years on
  5. by   Karen
    It wasn't that she didn't care you were sick its just she could tell you weren't that sick. You aren't that sick unless something is red and there's pus, blood is spurting, the projectile vomiting hasn't stopped, or LOC has changed.