been too long on the electronic pumps....

  1. i have been trying to get some iv calcs done, as i realised i hadn't done them for ages and i am going to do a few ward shifts in the near future. apart from them being nonsensical, as calcs often are;!!! i have been in ccu & icu etc for too many years and have had the luxury of technology doing my drip rates for me.

    i am embarrassed to admit this, but i have to so that i can ask for help. plus: menopause and it's various exciting experiences has given my a brain that is soft on the outer and hard in the centre...:smackingf

    would someone please be able to give me a hand? i'll put them in and see what happens....
    1. calc completion time for iv dex 5% 5ooml if running at 28 drops per min and drop factor 20. iv commenced at 0900. i got 5 hrs 57 min as in 1457. am i right? :uhoh21:
    2. calc remaining fluid in 1000ml n/s that has been running at 41dpm with df of 20. all i get is dizzy when i think of this one.
    3. amox to be infused @ 100mg/hr via a set calibrated to 60drops per ml. inf is 500mg in 500ml. what flow rate is required? i started off on a fast roll with this one and then slowed to a dribble. now i cant even look the question straight in the eye.
    then these conversions:
    1. 567mcg = ?mg: .567mg??
    2. 12.6mg = 0.0126g??
    3. 1.56g = 1560mg??
    i realise i look really really daft asking for help on these, but i have gotten into a panic over how stupid i had become and then i lost my confidence. please be kind - i definantly do not need anyone telling me i am a stupid, or an embarrassment to the profession. i have just gotten my mathematical brain into a knot and i need some help to untie it.
    cheers to you all.
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  3. by   Halinja
    It's early, and I haven't had coffee yet, but

    1. Looks right to me

    2. Needs more information. You have to know how LONG its been running at 41 dpm before you can calculate how much is left.

    3. 100 dpm You have 100 mg which is equal to 100 ml. Multiply that by the drop factor of the IV set then divide by the number of minutes in an hour...

    The conversions look right, but I didn't play with the calculator on them.
  4. by   ukstudent
    Your doing great.
    I got the same answer for number 1.
    For number 2, there is not enough data, how long has it been running? 41 gtts/min / 20 drop factor = 2.05 ml/min x 60 mins = 123 ml/hr.
    For number 3. 500mg in 500ml is the same as 100 mg in 100ml. With microtubing you do not have to divide down. (ml/hr/60 min x 60 drop factor) You need need 100 ml/hr set for 100 gtts/min.
    All conversions are correct.
  5. by   morte
    1) yup
    2) need more info
    3) it is a one to one ratio wth a 60 gtt factor...100 ml per hour, x60,./. by 60
    and the conversions appear correct.....

    #2 would be 2.05 ml per minute...
  6. by   kaeri
    you people are all fantastic - thank you so much. i thought i may need to wait a few days for a response. no wonder nurses have such a fantastic reputation.

    no 2 is running over 90 mins - that was an integral piece of information wasnt it! :spin:
    to recap: fluid remaining in 1000ml that has been running at 41dpm for 90mins and df of 20.

    i have gotten brave now and am going to post a question re job hunting. i hope i get the same wonderful responses - i am sure i will.

    ps: i have been having a really bad time at work with my (male) (35yo, married, early male pattern baldiness, ex-guitarist, ccu for 17 years) t/l and his over-zealous interest in 22yearold new grads and his open contempt of women in their 40s. has actually said he would rather work with 6 new grads than 1 middleaged bird. i said "it's because you want to look at them" and he agreed! can you believe the outrageousness of his arrogance. he knows no-one is going to complain. but i did. i tried to be heard a number of times - but no one listened and then it all blew up at easter with him calling me a "f'n moll" (aus word meaning "slaht" or "happily unpaid enthusiastic ho"). i responded by complaining to don of cardiology. i asked one young grad if his obvious interest in her made her feel uncomfortable. she said that she had noticed only a few small events. the problem with that statement was 99% of staff did not believe it. all staff had begun to comment on how many moderately sized sleazy events were occurring and her obvious enjoyment of his attention and how she manipulated him to get a better workload/more assistance and advice/and competencies signed off etc. i was hoping i could prevent her developing a bad reputation. but, everything went bad and i ended up wearing a sht hat. poop slides down hill, doesnt it? while nurse unit manager began enquiring into my complaint re this t/ls abuse in my direction, the story got diverted to how i had made comments etc about him being lazy, creating inequity in the workplace, plus sexualising the workplace by his obvious decision to not ever ever speak to us old ones. (you could see him make an instant appraisal - i'd do her/i wouldnt do her and he then approached you based on that evaluation. this young bird then complained to num that i had made her feel "dirty" by my questions. therefor i had a complaint of sexual harassment against me and he had an apologetic admin making him tea. and trying their hardest to avoid any complaint of sexual harassment being directed towards him. "oh that's just the way he talks/behaves/reacts blah bloody blah" - as if that makes it alright. i sad "well jeffrey dahmer was acting exactly as his personality told him to, and that was obviously a bad choice for all concerned." why do some people get their bad behaviour absolved by someone saying "oh that's just the way thay are."

    anyway: short version - i am not welcome in the unit for a few months until these couple of regular staff have calmed down. (i was on 12 mnth contract.) i now have to join an agency so that i can work without running into these injured parties. it is a complicated story and i have glossed over quite a bit. but my point is that i was feeling quite down on my colleagues - but you people have helped me smile again. so thank you.

    do you think i should cut and paste this and see what opinions are out there? what do you think? i am hoping for support
  7. by   SICU Queen
    That whole scenario sounds completely disgusting... truly.

    As to your "embarrassment" over the drugs calcs, HUSH!! There is NO SHAME in asking questions. What would have been shameful would be if you'd gone to work and not known how to calculate anything. You get kudos from me for working on your weak spots in an effort to provide the best care.

    Good luck, and keep us posted on how things are going!
  8. by   kaeri
    Quote from sicu queen
    that whole scenario sounds completely disgusting... truly.

    as to your "embarrassment" over the drugs calcs, hush!! there is no shame in asking questions. what would have been shameful would be if you'd gone to work and not known how to calculate anything. you get kudos from me for working on your weak spots in an effort to provide the best care.

    good luck, and keep us posted on how things are going!
    i am pleased to hear you say that as i was beginning to believe i was the one in the wrong. i felt like alice in wonderland with the looking glass backwards.
    i am feeling happy now that i don't have that daily intimidation.

    thankyou for the new perspective re the long time away from these calcs. i can feel proud of my weakness. it shows i have strength because i can admit to being dumb and dangerous!!!!


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