BB signing in and out: am I in trouble???

  1. I have a Bulletin Board signing in-signing out question.

    For the first time, I accessed Allnurses from ...lets just say another location than home. I forgot to sign out when I left that computer. Does that mean someone else can pull up the visited sites list on that computer, see allnurses there, access the site and be automatically signed in as me? (If they do and now see this message I'm busted:uhoh21: )

    Now that I'm home, I was automatically signed in when I accessed allnurses. Would that happen with every computer I used to reach this BB if I signed in?

    If that is so, there could be a LOT of other nurses posting under my BB name in the future. Hope they have a good sense of humor.
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  3. by   P_RN
    If you left you login you left cookies on that computer. You must have cookies on your home computer that recognised you and your password. Im going to move this to forum feedback, OK? Others may be having the same question.

    Edited to say, ooops Forum Feedback has been changed, so back to General forum. Others will probably be interested in this question also. P_RN
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  4. by   nurs4kids
    I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Just change your password, from home, then the cookies at work won't work for signing you back in.
  5. by   boggle
    Thanks P_RN and nurs4kids. Changing passwords from home sure beats a drive back in to work.

    Having left my cookies on the work computer got me thinking....

    How often are other people posting on one member's cookies?

    That could explain a lot of the "mood swings" some posters show!