bad job perfomance evaluation

  1. okay, so i got my job evalution. it says i need improvement. what does it mean? does it mean if i dont improve my job perfomance until my next evaluation, which is one year later that i'll be fired?
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  3. by   llg
    Only your supervisor can answer your question. What did he/she say when you asked? If you haven't asked, then you should schedule a meeting (perhaps after taking a few days to calm down a little and think things through) to discuss it.

    Also ask for specific suggestions for improvement and leave the meeting with a plan for meeting specific goals along the way toward the improvements your boss is looking for. Be sure to find out how and when your performance will be re-evaluated. You may want to touch base on a regular basis with your manager or an educator or a mentor/preceptor person of some sort to give you some ongoing guidance and feedback.

    The important things are:
    1. to understand the nature of the problems that your supervising is talking about

    2. to have a plan to address those problems

    3. to get regular guidance and feedback regarding your performance in the future. Don't wait until your next yearly eval to address the issues.

    Good luck,
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    sounds like good advise from previous post

    don't become defensive, look at this as a learning experience
    'needs improvement' is vague you need specifics about what they expect of you
    be observant,determine how to plan your day and make priorities
    you will be fine