bad head, bad allergies, no relief

  1. Well it's my turn dangit. I had the snifflies since allergy season started, but I'm on 180 mg allegra per day, also 10 mg singulair per day already. So a little sniffly didn't bother me, I'm still breathing, and my asthma is not acting up.

    Until the weekend, a little worse, then yesterday it just got miserable. So far I've tried:
    chicken soup
    french onion soup
    coffee with bailey's irish cream in it (before bedtime)
    neti pot (actually got saline content and temp right)
    lots of water (PO)
    leftover Dytan from my child's prescription from last year
    vacuumed the whole house, the dog, tried to vacuum the cat
    turned the humidifier on and put the AC on 75 ish so it would not be blowing cold air on me.

    So all I got is a whiny dog, scratches on my arms, a warm house, a hangover, and a raw nose with ear pain bilateral, of course my entire head feels like it's going to explode. I am not working tonight, thank god. But I'm on wed, thurs, friday so I made a doctor's appointment this afternoon. No my snot is not any color other than clear. No, it's not in my chest and I'm not wheezing. Just need some relief so I can WORK.

    What meds should I ask for? Medrol pack? I don't think it's time for antibiotics but then I can't see what my eardrums look like either.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, Indy,

    You need to be posing these questions regarding meds to your PCP.

    Hope you feel better fast.