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OK, guys I know there are a lot of good nurses out there but lately I have been encountering a lot of bad ones and as a senior nursing student it is killing me. I have had 2 incidences with a... Read More

  1. by   Flo1216
    Kitty w-I just read an article written by the National SIDS Resource Center which said that many infants who were found prone at death were originally placed in a side-lying position. Side is safer than prone but supine is safest and preferred. (AAP Task Force,1996). By the way, October is National SIDS Awareness Month.
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    The nurse allowed it because basically she didn't give a ****.
    Wow! She said that to you?

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    Way to go Flo1216!

    I'll have you on my unit anytime. Good for you to recognize the need for literature on back to sleep. And taking the initiative to put a pamphlet together? You may be "just a CNA" now, but you will be a very Professional Nurse when you graduate.

    We do allow a small stuffed animal, and frequently have a lot of stuff (diaper, extra blankets, etc) at the bottom of the crib on our older babies (we take them up to 3 months) but these babies are all on C/R and Pulse-ox monitors and are visible to at least one nurse at all times. I have taken pillows out from under these baies and explained to their parents that they shouldn't have them and why.

    We frequently put the preemies prone in their isolettes - but we stop this practice when they no longer need it for resp. or GI reasons (usually by 35-36 weeks) and once again, they are monitored and visible. We explain to the parents that we do things in the hospital (like use sheepskins) because of the monitoring and they should not do it at home.

    Babies who are not visible to a caregiver at all times should not have stuff in their cribs and should definitely not have pillows. They should be on their backs when asleep or when a caregiver is not there. I agree with setting an example of safe practices in the hospital. Those stuffed toys can be taped to the rails where baby can see them instead if being in the crib.

    You are right that side-lying is not recommeded either, as the baby can easily end up prone. Those positioning wedges are not recommended either.

    More power to you for doing the right thing. Someone needs to advocate for those babies and most parents welcome info that could prevent SIDS.
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    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    Wow! She said that to you?

    Holy crap I think I missed that part of the post. She really offered you no rationale for actions other than THAT? I think that calls for some intervention with the NM at least. Not "giving a ****" about your patients to the point of deliberately putting them in harm's way is definitely something to be concerned about!
  5. by   Flo1216
    She didn't say that to me-her actions pretty much told me she didn't care . Twice this has happened where I pointed out the situation to her and she shrugged and rolled her eyes and said, " Whatever," Plus, SHE was the one who put the pillow back in the crib after I took it out. She never changed the situation and she never talked to the mothers about Back to Sleep. She did however, find time to look at magazines, talk to her husband and tweeze another nurse's eyebrows. I was the one who fed the baby and changed it's diapers(which was how I discovered all of this) and held the baby when she cried. And when I say there were stuffed animals in the crib, I mean they were EVERYWHERE. Not at the foot of the bed. Plus there were TWO pillows, she was wearing TWO baby jumpers, was swaddled in one blanket with another heavy one over her and she was laying on her side. The mother did all of this very innocently, but the nurse never checked on the baby after mom left. So no, she never said, " I don't give a ****," but her inaction said it for her.