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  1. I was accepted into a 2nd yr LPN nu. program after about a 3 yr lapse. I am trying to find the best way to review. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am getting overwhelmed going thru all my old books and notes. Thanks for the help. Lisa
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  3. by   PPL
    Hi Lisa. I'm a little confused about your post. Are you an LPN currently? Or did you begin LPN school, and have to drop out for some reason, and now you're going back? Try NOT to overwhelm yourself before you begin. If you can possibly take it one day/one exam/one class at a time, this is the approach that worked for me. Looking at the TOTAL picture Will overwhelm! I had so many cards stacked against me when I started, but kept on keeping on! I don't doubt that you can do the same. I wish you all the luck!
  4. by   sunfire
    Have you tried reviewing with one of those NCLEX review books for LPN's?
  5. by   boutitangela
    I recently had to get myself prepared to attend RN school. I had to pass an LPN Challenge Exam. I was at a disadvantage because I had been working in a geropsychiatric facility. But, it was a five part exam covering Medical, Surgical, OB, Peds, and Mental Health Nursing. I found that Mosby's Comprehensive Study of Practical Nursing was very thorough and helpful. With that book along with a lot of prayer, I excelled on the exam. God Bless. Let me know how things go.