Bachelor's in nursing corespondence courses??

  1. I am graduating from a Quebec college and I was wondering if anyone knows any good corespondence courses in Canada, for a Bach. in nursing (post RN program)

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  3. by   lalaxton

    I am also a Canadian nurse, graduated from Dawson College in 1985. I did move to the US and obtained my BSN (via 'correspondence') from St. Joseph's college in Maine ( I know of many Canadian nurses who did the same without ever working in the US, although with the exchange rate it may be expensive. As far as similar programs in Canada you might want to check out an alliance for nursing that many Ontario Universities have, much of the course work is done from a distance.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Michelle_nurse
    Hi there,
    It is neat to know that there is a "local" or ex local on this site, I live up the street from Dawson, but I am graduating from Abbott. I was looking into corespondance because the major thing that is holding me back from my bac. is the traveling. I don't have a car and I want to work and study part time. I looked into the University of Athabasca in Alberta.......but it is 7 years part time via corespondance and over $11000 in tuition. Does that seem reasonable?
    Thanks for replying
  5. by   res04lly
    hI! Give this phone number a try and see if Tammy cook can help you 1-800-759-5947. wait for the receptionist to ask you who you'd like to talk with and just ask for Tammy she maybe able to help with this. I know this program does have a BSN program that might work for you-barb