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The reason I ask that is that this morning I had a gentleman present that was C/O SOA and stated he had been coughing for 2 weeks. His oral temp was 98.8 but he felt hot to touch so I took an... Read More

  1. by   wooh
    It seems to me that with some people, an axillary would be more accurate just in the sense you have better control of the probe with an axillary than an oral. Once they close their mouth, there's no telling where the probe goes!!
  2. by   LPN1974
    Well, I work in Developmental/Disabilities so I take my temps rectal. One of our doctors prefers the rectal anyway.
    Just a note on tympanic temps...I don't like tympanic. I never get an accurate reading that way. If the ear has wax in it, you won't get a good temp.
    I got chewed out by a client's father once, who happens to be a physician himself, for taking a rectal temp on his daughter! And he is not on our staff of physicians anyway, and when OUR doctor found out about him chewing me out, HE ordered all temps be taken rectal anyway! What an @$$hole that man was. {Still is matter of fact.} lol So whether he likes it or not, his daughter gets rectal temps.
    The people we take care of are adults....just developmentally disabled.
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