Assistant Department (unit) administrator

  1. Hi,
    I'm curious about how much Assistant Department (Unit) Administrator makes in a large hospital like Kaiser. I'm talking no nursing degree, certificate from a medical management school, and with 5 years experience. Does anyone know??? Thanks..
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  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    About 1/2 what
  4. by   SFCardiacRN
    Oops...About half what a nurse
  5. by   Cntw82BanRN
    the reason why I'm asking is that I know new grad nurses with an ADN (degree) makes about $25.00 an hour and us nurses do a lot more work and more critical thinking compared to a unit secretary or say Asst. Department Administrator with no degree (only a certificate). I just got curious because I have a friend who works at Kaiser as a unit secretary and being promoted to Asst. DA told me that she will be making $25.00 an hour (days even)..So, I'm like whattttttt?????? I mean I'm not trying to belittle her job but I think that's too much pay for her job...I mean I'm happy for her but I kinda think that she's just trying to raise her chair up a little...