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  1. I have been applying frequently to a very well known teaching hospital in my area. Along with the application, an assessment has to be filled out. I did my assessment over a year ago and it automatically attaches to each job i apply to.

    Every time I apply to a new position it seems like I get a "sorry not selected" email from them the very next morning. Do these assessments weed people out of the applicant pool automatically? I feel like my resume is not being seen by human eyes! I fit the qualification for these positions well and I am getting discouraged by this!

    I called HR to see if there was a way to improve my chances or have someone actually review my resume but all i got was a "sorry we get many applications, just keep trying"

    Just fyi during the assessment I know I answered very honestly as I felt like answering all of the questions as if I am a perfect person was unrealistic. I thought the honest approach was the correct way to go.. but now im thinking i was wrong!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The assessment screens applicants for personality, work ethic, personal attitudes and other attributes based on the responses.

    It is well-known that if you do not provide the answers that the organization is seeking, you most likely will not be called for an interview. For example, they probably want to call people back who respond with 'I agree' or 'I strongly agree' to statements such as "I enjoy working with people," "I prefer to work weekends," and "I am happier than most people I know."