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I was just wondering what your thoughts are on aspartame... I have tried to do some research about it, some sites say:" It's been aproved by the FDA, It's perfectly safe, etc..." Yet on the... Read More

  1. by   nursetobe-babe
    Originally posted by RainbowSkye
    Has anyone used the herb stevia for sweetening stuff? It's different from sugar, and better than all the artificial stuff to me.

    Here's some info:
    I've used stevia... It's really gross... has a taste of its own so it changes the taste of whatever you are putting it in ( esp gross in coffee)
  2. by   renerian
    We studied it in my BS program and many studies say not to overconsume it others say never and still others say it is safe.

  3. by   cactus wren
    Hey Guys....Thanks !!!!!!

    When I first read this thread...I had an AHha !!! moment........
    And quit Diet Coke ( have tried Diet RC with Splenda....ok, but not my DC...but I`ll adjust

    Anyways, for the first time in 3 years my fingers don`t hurt...have quit the Celebrex that was keeping them working

    and other assorted aches ie knees, feet, wrists are also gone.....what a doofus i feel i am...Never,never haerd about this.....

    I even have drug out some crocheting that I had given up in because the pain in my hands made it impossoble

    Thanks again...You ALL ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   RN2B2005
    My mother was tentatively diagnosed with an aspartame allergy a few years ago; she drank a Diet Coke and then had a seizure, slamming her minivan into a telephone pole.

    I'm a little skeptical, personally; she's had Diet Coke since with no problem, as well as other aspartame-containing desserts (my mother is famous for not understanding that aspartame=Nutrasweet).

    However! I don't eat aspartame personally because I hate the aftertaste, and I don't feed it to my son unless there is no other option--for instance, all of the Pedialyte flavours EXCEPT apple and grape have aspartame instead of sugar. I think this obsession with artificial sweeteners is a hallmark of American thinking--we don't want to eat natural, wholesome sugar because. well, it's SUGAR; but we suck down the artificial sweeteners and then attribute all sorts of problems to them. Why does a kid with diarrhea need Nutrasweet?!

    When I do choose to use a sugar substitute, or to drink a diet soda, I choose sucralose (Splenda), which is actually a modified sugar molecule. It doesn't have the rampant aftertaste of aspartame or saccharin, and I am just more comfortable with a modified sugar molecule instead of a de novo molecule like aspartame. Diet Rite soda has sucralose, as do a couple of other sodas. It's more expensive than sugar, Nutrasweet, or saccharin, but it's much tastier than the last two.

  5. by   ayemmeff
    Originally posted by Mel D
    Blech. I'll take sugar over fake crap any day.

    I'm with you on this one MelD.Sugar or "go-without!" My husband feels the same about margarine/butter substitutes after watching a programme about how they are manufactured.