As Healthcare Providers, Are We Doing What We Can To Ensure Our Family's Good Health? - page 3

What things do you do....or what things are you aware of, but don't do often make yourself and your family healthier? Do you and your family eat nutritiously? Do you and your family... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Yeah, and that's not ALL that was good in Germany !!! How 'bout the Bratwurst and those wonderful rolls!? And their potato salad!
    And, and, and.....!!!! Hey me when you get time..I'd love to know when and where you were over there ! Have you hit those weight s yet? Start out lifting light, and go a bit heavier every few days or so.. as your body tolerates it. Give a day between weights to allow the muscle to grow.. when they "rest" is when they do their growing..or work out a DIFFERENT body part the next day. See ya !