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I would like to know how many hospitals have a policy that does NOT ALLOW direct pt caregivers to wear artificial nails.... Read More

  1. by   jenn15468
    karen, i also have the same problem i have tried everything and the only thing that i found that actually works is neutrogena hand cream. it is thick and a little goes a long way. good luck on healing hands
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    We aren't allowed to wear artificial nails in my facility. New policy went into effect beginning of this month.
  3. by   Bevi
    I thought i read an article once, that attributed a rash of deaths in NICU with an aggressive form of bacteria that was eventually traced to/linked with, a Nurses artificial nails.... seems the nail material was a perfect resevior and breeding ground for the bacteria...this happened in Oklahoma, does anyone else remember this?
  4. by   bobbie411
    As a new member and an R.N. for 22 years I just recently heard about the artificial nail uproar.The only thing that helps my cuticles are my artificial nails.Because I work as a psychR.N. I also wear street clothes.I would think that street clothes could also harbor bacteria.I am hoping that when I am told to remove my nails I will be allowed to wear a uniform again.
  5. by   altomga
    My facility does have a written policy against artificial nails.
  6. by   sandylpn03
    Originally posted by karenG
    if you find anything- let me know!! when I worked at Moorfields eye hospital, my hands would get so dry, they would bleed!! now just very dry!! My mum( who is also a nurse) says you can tell nurses by the state of their hands............we always have dry hands!!

    When I had artificial nails I got a small bottle of cuticle treatment called solar nails, you just brush it on everyday, worked wonders for mine. I can't stand to have dry cuticles with fake nails, I thought it looked terrible on me. This stuff is wonderful, you can also try Vitamin E oil too, the key is just remembering to apply it. And with all the hand washing we do I'd use it twice a day. I took mine off last week, I had them on for my wedding and kept them for a month but it got old real fast. HTH