Are you scared of being sued or do you know someone who got sued for malpractice? - page 2

Hi, I am a new grad and working in a nursing home...It finally hit me that lawsuits can be flying everywhere..I guess that is the drawback of the job..Do you know someone who got sued before or are... Read More

  1. by   Jo Dirt
    I work in home health and you see the fins moving about the waters all the time. We have three lawsuits going on at this time. My boss and I have an appointment to meet with an attorney who is defending a doctor against one of our HH patients who is trying to sue him.
    It's like healthcare and the legal system go hand in hand. Can't have one without the other. It's quite ridiculous, actually. One of the prime reasons I want out of this hornet's nest of healthcare.
  2. by   angelcharm
    when i was a student i am not worried of being sued.. whats important to me is good experience. but when i was working... i was more careful.