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Please feel free to share your thoughts on your current employment situation as a nurse. Are you happy, if so why? Unhappy, if s why? Also, please take part in our quick survey on our homepage... Read More

  1. by   Margy
    Hi everyone.. Im from Australia and would like to know what the 20/20 Nursing story is about?
    Would someone fill me in please?
    Cheers Margy.
  2. by   sharonNC
    Adrieen, where do you work at? The average starting pay where I work was $14.82,they then increased it to $15.04/hr. What region are you located,maybe they need to read the Nursing Bulletin board,because most of the nurses are saying that their average pay starting out is between $18-20/hr. Maybe, they need to do another survey on the average pay for nursing. OH, yeah the area I stay in, the cost of living is very high. So, even though $15.00 is better than the average job,in this area the average jobs(like Mcdonalds,are paying like $8.00/hr)they cannot keep them filled because the cost of living is so high. Please let me know your region,I think we maybe underpaid.If this is the average($20),then I know we are underpaid. I work for a hospital in Durham,NC and they are well known throughout the world.
  3. by   iamme8557
    I am happy being a nurse, the job is always a challenge. I have been a nurse for 8 years, started a little later than some as I am 42 now. Hospital nursing can be a bit challenging as the politics and health care reform are always stressing someone out. I like a challenging atmosphere and I can work individually or as part of a team. Of the things I dislike most about my job are #1apathy among co-workers...this includes the docs, techs; aids, secretarys, therapists, managers, administrators and the maintenance and cleaning people. Please go whine at someone else, I have my patients concerns to contend with already while I am in the unit...I will be glad to listen during lunch, break or lets go have a pepsi after work. This is a demanding job, please dont be part of the demands.
    #2Rumors- I really dont care who might be doing what; with who; or where; or why; or how; as long as it isnt in my way at work; and why do you think it is necessary to talk about it?
    #3 I really dont like it when co-workers wont smile back....thats when I realize they need a break....I wish the others could recognize this early sign of stress too. Say something nice, offer to watch their patients for 10 minutes....thats usually all we need...takes longer to tune up a piece of machinery to work at perfection than it does to re-charge a nurse.
    Yeh, I do like my job..I work with some pretty wonderful people.
    Deanna-Pittsburgh PA
  4. by   Deb35
    Adireen where can I make $20/hr? I am an RN but don't make that much. I have been an RN for 6 years and I have been stressed out lately at work. I feel like I don't have enough time to give every patient I have the time they need - I get their meds and txs done but feel like I run from room to room and then have tons of phone calls to take care of and a mountain of paperwork at the end of my shift. Satisfied - no not lately just stressed out. Anyone have suggestions on how to deal with the stress?
  5. by   adireen
    I am reading from RN magazine that the average pay for RNs across the board and USA that the pay is $20 per hour. This is whether you are ADN, BSN, or diploma, one year experience or 25. And they say pay is only going to go up dramatically due to the shortage.
    Also, if you work agency, you can be paid 1.5 times this usually or if you shop around. And I do live in Ohio; I know a nurse (also who works in Ohio at OSU hospital) who worked one day (yes, it did happen to be a Sunday -- her regular shift day anyway -- and a holiday) but she made her mortgage payment in just one day! Which is a large house! Probably my guess at least $1200.
    If you are making lousy pay I think it is brought upon by yourself because there are a LOT of people hiring now and throwing in double time, sign on bonuses, etc. just to get you in the door! Doesn't sound like poor pay to me!

  6. by   adireen
    ooops, forgot to mention the differential pay addition for RNs to boost salaries, etc. Also, with nursing, there is the potential to go an entirely different route, like travel nursing, where the company picks up the tab (even if you live and work in the same place you are considered "traveling to') for your housing expense. Right there, that's usually about anywhere from $600 to $1000 more per month in your pocket, which also doesn't seem like poor pay to me.

  7. by   Brian
    In Minnesota Most hospitals are paying around $20/hr with a couple years experience. I have several friends working critical care with agencies, and they make $40/hr.

    Brian Short
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  8. by   boomer
    I love my job, the patients I care for and the staff. Unfortunatley, the pay is low, the staffing is minimal at best and I haven't enough time to do all that is required. Often coming home disatisfied, because I should have or could have maybe done things differently to save time. Wishing I had more time to spend with each patient. I have calculated that if I take no breaks and work 8 and1/2 hours I can spend 12.14 minutes with each patient every 8 hrs. That is so sad because I work in a Veterans home and each one of these men sacrificed much for me and mine. Any suggestions?

  9. by   Dane10
    My starting pay was $13.33 (RN in hospital)so if you are getting 15-20/hr consider yourself lucky. I am personally satisfied with my nursing care, but I cannot take the politics. No doubt about it, a hospital is a business and there is a vicious circle starting with our government/insurance/medicare etc. For the sake of our patients, loved ones and me (considering we will all be patients at some point in time) I hope that we will see some resolution to this large mess. I have also experienced many threatening and verbally abusive patients recently due to frustration and the high demands/expectation on nurses. A hospital stay is not like a stay at the Holiday Inn. Bottom line is that I am proud of my work as a nurse but the benefits do not outweigh the stress and lack of response from administration at my facility. I wish the best to everyone in our profession and hope things do improve.
  10. by   DCSMANDY
    Are you satisfied with your current job? I read about many unsatisfied nurses. Most were unsatisfied either do to low pay or lack of respect. Currently, the Indianapolis market is averaging $ 19 - $20/hr for RN's with a few years of experience. For my hospital, my average RN salary is $23.50/hr. If you are interested in moving to our area, E-mail me. I am the Director of Clinical Sevices for a Long Term Acute Care Hospital. We desperately need critical care nurses to staff a new location in this area. Our patient population is respiratory, head injury, dialysis, and multisystem failure.

    I was a critical care nurse for ten years. Naturally, the high stress environment contributes to burnout. The nursing field, however, has many opportunities for advancement and career changes. Think back to why you became a nurse to begin with. Most of us would answer "I wanted to help people, make a difference in their lives." If you are unsatisfied with your current working conditions, stand up for what you believe in. Make management aware if you feel you are working unsafely. Don't be passive. That is the problem with the nursing profession in general. We are trained to get up when a Dr. wants to sit down and chart. We frequently take verbal abuse from physicians, patients, patient families, and other departments. Why is this? Take a stand. If things don't improve, find another job. Nurses are in great demand, you won't have trouble making that change.

    Mandy from Indy

  11. by   Jeanbean
    I think the pay for nurses is great. When I was younger I got a BA in history, and after graduating worked for a few years making $10/hr. Then I went back for an ADN and now make $18/hr. What other career can you make that much money with an associates degree? Most of my friends from my first go around in college are jealous because I've found a career that I love and I'm making more money.
  12. by   adireen
    Hear hear JeanBean! I'm with you!
    Good point about making that anywhere else with an associate's degree! I, too, have a BS degree in something other than nursing and was topped out in "a great job" at $11.50 per hour. I will be living large (at least larger) as an RN off their salaries.

  13. by   Roach
    This is for Adireen. I hope and pray that after one year of working as an RN you still feel the same as you do now. It does sound great when you are a student and are looking forward to the pay and the work. After you have been thrown into the fire it is a whole other feeling. I have been working for eight years and as a staff nurse am making 16.50/hr.(wow) I will be going "agency" in January and feel I have enough experience and now am in a situation to do so. A lot of nurses have families to support and depend on the health insurance and benefits that you only get with a staff position. Plus if you have a family you aren't exactly in the position to travel.(they want 13 week contracts) Should these nurses leave their families to make this money? I think not. The hospitals should try to make the staff nurses happier and that would in turn keep them longer. One of these days when your feet are throbbing and your back is aching after three or four twelve hour shifts you too will say to yourself "They don't pay me enough to do this s---." Hee Hee. Keep up the good attitude and I really hope you find a good job that makes you happy.