Are we allowed to practice nursing as we were taught?

  1. I would like to create a POLL to see how often we are allowed to practice what we were taught and to the standard of what we were taught in nursing school. I don't know about your program, but mine was TOUGH. My instructors were very serious about us doing everything EXACTLY as we were supposed to. I expected that when I got into the working world my employer would want me to perform my job as I had been taught to do so in school. Think of all the aspects we learned and expected to have time to do; hands-on patient care, patient teaching, charting, care plans, technical skills, therapeutic communication, explaining things to the patient's families, interacting with our co-workers, MDs, families, and supervisors and everything else required to get the job done. Also think of the things we expected to have time to do; sit with a dying patient, talk to the little 93 year old lady about how life was in 1920, keep our work environment neat and tidy, etc. Please pick the best answer as close as you can estimate. This is not for any special reason, just wondering. I would like to see ALOT of answers. Thanks.
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    Bummer! the poll wouldn't post right, oh well, but please post your replys in a two part manner. For example, 75% of the time I can perform my job at 75% of the standard. Thanks
  4. by   debbyed

    I would say 25/25