Are RN's licenses public knowledge

  1. Hi! I'm adopted and recently I located my natural father. Unfortunately, he died in 1978, so I was only able to reunite with aunts, uncles and cousins. I learned that he went to school for nursing in 1968 and that is where he met my mother (whom I am looking for now). The unfortunate part for me is that none of my father's family remember which school he attended in 1968. I have my natural mother's maiden name, but no first name or any other information. I was hoping to some how find out which school he went to so that I could a complete name for my mother and continue my search.

    I was thinking, that RN's must have to have a license in the State they are practicing in and I am hoping this information is public information.

    If anyone has any suggestions for me, I would be very much appreciate it. Thanks!
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  3. by   justanurse
    Well, I don't know if everything on an application is public knowledge, but I don't see that any of it shouldn't be. Do you know what state he practiced nursing in? Surely someone in his family has an idea (at least check out the one for the last state he lived in, or surrounding states) and then you can go to that state's board of nursing and ask for some information. I know when I get my nursing communique from my board of nursing, it lists those nurses who have been probated, etc. and their hometown. Good luck in your search!
  4. by   Deb Logan
    Thanks for your response!!! I do know that he was practicing in California, I'm sure of that. I just don't know how to get the numbers for the licensing boards, etc. I don't even know where to start, what City to contact, etc., etc. He practiced in a few different hospitals in San Diego from what I was told. Thanks again justanurse!
  5. by   justanurse
    Here's a nursing page at that lists nursing boards. I hope the link works:

    There is a website link for the California Board of Nursing. Like I said, Good luck on your search. Worst that can happen is they say no. Also, do you know if he went to nursing school in California? I think I saw something on the site about nursing programs. Something else to check out if you run into a dead end at the Board.
  6. by   Brian
    You can find info for the California Board of Registered Nursing including the phone number and contact info on the following page:

    Have you searched Here is a link to a search for the word "california":

    several schools and associations from california come up in the search. Hope this helps.

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