Appropriate Fee for Offering Professional Nursing Expertise?

  1. Hi, everyone,

    I'm a independent CNS (APRN) with more than 25 years of experience and have been approached by a consulting firm who has a corporate client. They would like to speak with me about some clinical issues (general information, not specifically client related) over the telephone.

    They want to know my usual fee for this service. I know what hourly rate I charge when I provide direct nursing services, but I do not know how to bill for something like this.

    Should it be at a different rate? Higher? Lower?

    Any ideas you have, (maybe along the expert witness, LNC range) would be most appreciated.
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  3. by   ERNP
    Minimum of $150/hour plus any incurred expenses.
  4. by   ERNP
    Also, I might move this to the CNS thread for more responses.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I think $150/hour is very fair! (Where can I sign up? - lol).
  6. by   hogan4736
    My very first time was 125/hour for record review, and 150/hour for depo and testifying...

    (Never had a minute of training, just lots of years on the job)

    My opponent (a LNC) charged 300/ hour for depo and testifying...(Many years of "expertise")

    BTW, we won in court

    Be careful of over-inflated fees...Juries frown on them...

    Oh, and juries also like nurses who have actually worked in their field of expertise...The aforementioned "expert" hadn't been at the bedside in 15+ years, testified against an ER nurse, though she herself had NEVER worked in an ER...

    Go figure
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