Appropriate attire for shadowing floor nurse position - page 2

What do you feel is appropriate attire when nurses come to shadow you? Scrubs? "Interview" outfit? Casual clothes -- nice pants (no jeans), etc. with a lab coat? I've seen the whole spectrum --... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    When I did jobshadowing at my current workplace before hiring on there, I was told by Human Resources to wear slacks and comfortable shoes, so I did. I only jobshadowed for four hours, then went home.

    Wear what is recommended by those setting up the jobshadow experience for you because each place will be different.

  2. by   Audreyfay
  3. by   Audreyfay
    I hope you all understood that. :imbar
    My opinion: Dress like the job you are shadowing. Would look pretty conspicuous otherwise.