Apheresis Nurse Job Interview - page 2

I applied for the position of Apheresis nurse, when I saw the ad in the weekend newspaper. It's with the American Red Cross. Yesterday they called me and scheduled a phone interview for today. ... Read More

  1. by   RN30years
    I worked for the American Red Cross as an Aphersis Nurse for 10 years in the 1980's it was very fasinating and fun. I had to leave because unlike you Angioplasty, we were on call. If a premie needed a white cell buffy coat to treat sepsis we were called into work to find a donor at 2 AM. I had two very small children at the time.
    We did therapeutic aphersis in the local hopitals also. treating a host of illnesses that were plasma specific. The Donors make tha job great! they are all very warm heated people. Enjoy
  2. by   RN BSN 2009
    I donate platelets all the time, always loved the nurses! My next round is this thursday....