Anyone with experience with body donation?

  1. Hi All,

    I had a interesting scenerio at work the other night. I was working in Trauma ICU, had a 69 year old patient that was on the ventilator and levophed but the family made him a DNR, did not want the ventilator or the pressor withdrawn, just not any further treatment, no titrating up of the levophed. When I got to work his pressure was 60's systolic, within 1 hr. his pressure was in the 40's. I phoned the family, son came and was able to say his goodbyes before his dad passed away. When I asked the son if he made funeral arrangements he responded by saying he did not have any insurance and couldn't afford it so he wanted to donate his fathers body. Since I am a agency nurse and not familiar with all the policies I notified the Charge nurse who also did not know what to do, the nursing supervisor didn't either. I believe the supervisor called a social worker to discuss this. I do not know the outcome because I haven't been back to that particular unit yet. I am just wondering if anyone has dealt with this situation before? By the way he was not a CORE candidate due to his extensive diseases. If I find out what happened I will share with all of you.
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    Hi Badbird

    I've never had a situation like that in nursing. Let us know when you find out about how it works.
  4. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    I keep telling my husband that I want my brain given to the Autism research program (we have a 14 year old son with Autism), my other organs to whoever needs them the most and my body to the LSU Medical school but I seriously doubt that he will do it. He doesn't like to discuss those things. I've written it all out in my Bible and told him that but I guarantee he won't do it because it's a little complicated.
  5. by   JonRN
    Thank you for your intentions 2magnoliatrees. What a lot of people will never understand is we are all here because unselfish people like you went before us and helped research. Many cancer patients have volunteered for clinical trials when they knew they didn't have a chance for recovery just to help the next person. If you think your DH won't do as you wish, then if you think it's worth it, I would consult a lawyer. JMHO.
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    My grandmaother did not have any graduate degree. She prearranged to donate her body to Georgetown University School of Medicine over twenty years ago. She passed away about three years ago and finally got into med school at age 93. Mark