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Scrubs with university and professional sports team logos have come out. They're not cheap, nearly $50 for a set. They vaguely bother me. How would a Yankee logo do in a Boston hospital? (would... Read More

  1. by   themess7776
    i'm a florida state fan and have a degree in criminal studies from there and come game day i have on my garnet and gold but bringing it to the work place is, i think, some what unprofessional, but thats what makes this counrty great the pow of and the right to make our own oipinions

  2. by   EDValerieRN
    I wear my OU scrubs on gameday (Go Sooners!). Funny thing is, one of my patient's children had a University of Texas pacifier. It was really a conversation starter, being it was on OU/TX weekend. It was all in good fun. I don't think I would walk into a UT affiliated hospital rockin' the OU gear.. but that's a different story.

    It looks no less professional than any other scrubs I have. It's solid crimson, with a small white OU embroidered on the pocket. Why is that unprofessional? If my patient isn't a football fan, they don't know what it means. If they are a football fan, it's a conversation piece. I don't see where the problem is.....
  3. by   OjoRn
    The latest trendy fashion is the fleece zip-up jackets tied around
    the waist or worn over a thin tight top with scrub pants. I am not
    sure how I feel about it, to each his own until administration decides.
    I would end up taking out half a bedside table if I tied my jacket around
    my hips and I am not wide by any means......just clumsy. :chuckle
  4. by   Gennaver
    Quote from rach_nc_03
    Yeah- Landau is great for tall size pants, and Dickies has some tall cargo pants as well. I have a similar problem, though, with crotches that hang between my thighs...i'm actually getting a rash from seam friction. :imbar

    My fiancee was home on leave two weeks ago, and he did all my laundry for me (how much does he rock??). He's a wash in hot water kinda guy, and now all of my tall-size scrub pants are *just* barely long enough. Oops! Still, he did all my laundry, cleaned my whole apartment, stocked my kitchen, cleaned out my car....can't hold a little pants-shrinkage against him!
    Thanks again for this information. I am waiting on a back order from Dickies. Two of my classmates ordered them as well, before our quarter started and they had to wait weeks as well.

    Now I am wishing I would have ordered more, seeing as it is such a wait.

    p.s. going to check out the Laundau selection
  5. by   imenid37
    Team scrubs don't offend me or most people I've met. We have a doc who used to wear a Packers jacket and one who has WVU plastered all over his car, etc. As for the shorty short tops...well YIKES! I don't know about the old and out of shape who c/o about them. I suppose I am one. Give me some credit for realizing that I am 40 and 20 lbs. overweight and don't belong in this type of gear. I think showing tooo much skin is just out of place in the healthcare setting for providers. I see med students, techs, nurses, and many others who are showing more than anyone who's not at the beach wants to see. As for being old and out of shape, I see many 20-30 somethings and even some 40 somethings like me who wear the pants w/ flipped down waist and shorty length top who are not of a size and shape where it looks good (honestly it never does in the hospital folks). These items are not sold in sizes which fit only those w/ rock hard ab's and buns o' steel. I could care less about cartoon tops (I wear them) or flared pants (I hate them) because they cover what they need to. If you want low rise pants who cares, just cover up the hind-quatrers. Let the visitors stare at the cracks in the plaster instead.
  6. by   nursemike203
    I am looking all over for UCONN scrubs, as well as schools like notre dame or miami, New York Yankees or Giants scrubs I dont believe it is unprofessional to wear team scrubs, they are actually a lil bit better than some of the prints i see on some of the scrubs out there, i am a graduate nurse so i will stay neutral but i dont believe there will be a problem with supporting your team.