Anyone wear a pedometer or Nike + iPod to work?

  1. We run around so much on our shifts, I am considering purchasing the Nike + iPod to track how many miles I run in a shift. Does anyone else do this? If so how far do you go? Does anyone else use the Nike + iPod?
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  3. by   topher-67
    I wore a pedometer once...7.6 miles. I'm a CNA in a SNF on the 2nd shift. I don't know about the expensive Nike+iPod one...mine came from Wally World for $6.
  4. by   tiroka03
    I wore one a couple of times, always thought I had to run a lot. I have a long, long unit. Many times I have to run from unit to unit to get supplies, ect. I logged on approx. 5 miles a night. So why aren't I more skinny?
  5. by   ajhill00
    I'm waiting to get into nursing school, but trying to get a job as transporter in the mean time. I bought the nike plus to take on walks, I take my son to school it's about 3 miles round trip. It stopped working after 1 mile, I could never get it to work again, so I returned it and the shoes. Good luck!
  6. by   TacoBelle
    Thanks for the feed back everybody. @ajhill00 I'm sorry to hear that the Nike quit working after one mile. I just ordered one off of Amazon last night.
  7. by   Lennonninja
    I'm a tech and I wear my pedometer on every shift. I usually average 5-7 miles per night (on a floor of 12 patients where I'm the only tech) and I've had a few nights where I passed the 9 mile mark!
  8. by   ajhill00
    I hope yours works. Maybe I just got a defective one? oh well.
  9. by   caliotter3
    I wonder what would be recorded for our nurse who was the champion of sleeping on the job? Knowing her, she would figure out a way to get a respectable mileage shift after shift.
  10. by   ajhill00
    Hi Anica,

    Did you get your nike plus yet? How do you like it? Is it working well for you? I am thinking of getting another one even though the last one I bought was defective.

  11. by   TacoBelle
    Hi Amber, I did get it. Unfortunately I haven't had time to set it up yet. I'm taking pre reqs and working a .7. I'll update once I do!